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Contribution Guidelines

Want to gain more exposure for your writing and share your travel experiences? Since its launch in 2006, Traveljack has amassed a considerable fan base.


Contributors are what helps grow the Traveljack website, as well as provide additional exposure for your own writing. We launched the site in 2006 and have since amassed a devoted audience. We generally seek content from travel bloggers, print or online published travel writers, or individuals with an interest in travel writing (you do not need to have been published before). We prioritize articles written from personal experience. 


We strongly encourage photos to be included with your submission. Do not upload generic photos from Wikipedia or Flickr. And do not upload photos that you do not have permission to use.

Maximum file width: 1920px

Resolution requirement: 72dpi

Word Count

Each submission should have at least 600 words – no more than 2000 words. If slightly under or over the minimum or maximum word count, that’s not a problem.

Content that works well

Adventure & Outdoor Travel
Arts and Culture
Backpacker oriented
Couples travel
Destination focused
Eco Tourism
Engaging writing about a personal trip
Experiential type trips
Food and Wine
Solo travel

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