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Yellowstone National Park in the USA was established in 1872, and is known as the first and oldest national park in the world (some say it was predated by Bogd Khan Mountain National Park in Mongolia, created maybe as early as 1778). Located mostly in the state of Wyoming, but also extending into Montana and Idaho, Yellowstone is renowned for its geothermal features, diverse wildlife, and natural beauty. To view this huge 3,500-square-mile (9,060-square-kilometers) wilderness recreation area, it is essential to acquire a map. In addition to the most well-known geyser, Old Faithful, Yellowstone is home to lush woods, booming geysers, alpine rivers, and stunning gorges. Numerous animal species, including as wolves, bison, elk, bears, and antelope, can be found there as well.

Plan your itinerary according to the seasonal adventures available. In the height of the season (June, July, and August), it can get extremely crowded. It is better to visit in April, September and October, when there are fewer visitors. The month of April is the spring ‘shoulder’ season when winter begins to thaw rapidly, and when local wildlife is most active. April offers excellent chances to see bears, wolves, elk, moose, and other creatures emerging from their winter hideouts. While September doesn’t get as many visitors, it does retain some of the warmer temperatures of peak season. There are still plenty of open roads in the park, and visitors can still see the native fauna there. October marks the start of the cooler months as winter draws near. It is important to plan a winter trip (November to March) well in advance, as some roads and facilities maybe be closed or affected by the weather.

Yellowstone National Park

Guided Tours to Magical Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park offers a variety of guided tours, allowing visitors to explore the park’s diverse landscapes, geothermal features, and wildlife with knowledgeable guides who know the park intimately. From Private Guided Tours to Day Trips, Bus Tours, Hiking Tours, Luxury Tours, Snow Tours, and even Stagecoach Rides, Yellowstone has something to offer its visitors every month of the year.

  • Bus Tours:
    Park Tours – These guided bus tours take visitors to key attractions, providing information about the park’s history, geology, and wildlife.
    Custom Tours – Some companies offer customizable bus tours, allowing visitors to tailor their itinerary based on specific interests.
  • Hiking Tours:
    Guided Hikes – Experienced guides lead groups on hikes, explaining the park’s natural features and wildlife while ensuring safety on trails of varying difficulty levels.
    Educational Hikes – Specialized tours focus on specific aspects, like geology or birdwatching, offering an in-depth educational experience.
  • Wildlife Tours:
    Wildlife Safaris – Guides take visitors on tours to spot and learn about Yellowstone’s diverse wildlife, including bison, bears, wolves, and elk.
    Photography Tours – Some tours cater to photographers, offering opportunities to capture the park’s beauty and wildlife in optimal conditions.
  • Snow Tours (Winter Season):
    Snowcoach Tours – During winter, when some roads are closed to regular vehicles, snowcoach tours allow visitors to explore the park’s winter wonderland, accessing key areas.
  • Private Tours:
    Custom / Private Tours – Visitors can hire private guides or companies for personalized tours, catering specifically to their interests, schedule, and group size.

Tips for Choosing Guided Tours

  • Research: Look for tour companies with good reviews and certifications, ensuring they follow park regulations and safety guidelines.
  • Types of Tours: Consider your interests – whether it’s wildlife, geology, hiking, or photography – to choose a tour that aligns with what you want to experience.
  • Seasonal Considerations: Some tours are seasonal, so check availability based on the time of year you plan to visit.
  • Booking in Advance: Especially during peak seasons, it’s advisable to book tours in advance to secure your spot.
  • Yellowstone Trip Planner: Get a FREE Yellowstone Trip Planner with inspiring itineraries and essential information.
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Yellowstone National Park
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