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This amazing romantic weekend getaway in Knysna is situated at Portland Manor in the foothills of the Outeniqua Mountain range, 20 km northwest of Knysna and perfect for the couple who wish to celebrate an anniversary, a romantic proposal, valentine’s day of just to be romantic. Come and explore the 212 hectares of pure undisturbed wilderness at Portland Manor and spoil your other haf with a forest picnic or dinner at the Cowshed Eatery.

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Cowshed Eatery

Our brand new rustic, country restaurant, the Cowshed Eatery, is open on weekends from Friday to Sunday. Chef Desmond Morgan’s all-day menu features wholesome breakfasts and fire-based lunch and dinner dishes prepared with the freshest local ingredients in the wood-fired outdoor ovens, including artisanal pizzas, fire-grilled chicken and rump steak and glazed pork belly.

Things To Do

Portland Manor is situated close to unique eateries, nature reserves, parks, beaches, and local markets. The area offers plenty of fun activities that you can enjoy by yourself or in a group setting. If you want a more relaxed escape from the bustling city, then you can explore the serene countryside at your own pace. Lounge at our swimming pool, enjoy a picnic by the lake, or go for a leisurely stroll through the forest. If rest and relaxation are what you need, then Portland Manor can help you out.

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