The Highlight of Arniston: Waenhuiskrans Cave

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The Waenhuiskrans cave is the highlight of when visiting the Waenhuiskrans Nature Reserve near Arniston, which is about a two and a half hours drive from Cape Town at Africa’s southernmost tip. Waenhuiskrans Nature Reserve has some of the most spectacular sand dunes imagineable. What makes it so exhilarating is the low-tide jump to reach the Waenhuiskrans Cave, over barnacle-encrusted rocks. Waenhuiskrans means “wagon house cliff” because the cave itself is large enough that a wagon and a full span of oxen could turn around inside.

Waenhuiskrans Cave
Inside the Waenhuiskrans Cave near Arniston

How to find the Waenhuiskrans Cave

It is best to visit to Waenhuiskrans Cave at low tide, usually around 11:00 / 12:00. It has been noted that only 4×4 vehicles can access the parking area near the cave, followed by a 1.5 km walk to reach the cave. After carefully navigating the rocks that surround the edge of the cliffs, you will need to traverse the small entrance beneath a rocky overhang that brings you into the cave itself. It requires some cautious walking and rock guiding to get to the cave, but getting wet is avoidable, and you will be rewarded with a breathtaking natural scene.

Waenhuiskrans Cave
Ocean-side mouth of the Waenhuiskrans Cave near Arniston

Because it is difficult to enter the cave from the sea side, the small and hidden entrance allows for a really dramatic entrance. Regarding safety from within the cave and rock pools, please be aware of your time restriction, as the tide rises swiftly and one might become trapped with nowhere to go.

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